Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Getting cam specs the easy way.


  • Find your house
  • stick a virtual cam on it
  • Move the person icon to the middle of where you want focus
  • pull in the sides of the triangle
  • see what it says Distance and HFoV
  • You can then play with resolutions to get a basic idea of the detail you would see if a person was standing at that location.
  • You now have the spec you need for that cam.
  • Repeat till you have everything you want covered, covered.

What you end up looks something like this (totally random house in Australia)

Now granted you will probably need to round those to standard value or plan on getting zoomables to get the view angles you want. 

Note too if a cam just says view angle instead of horizontal view angle it probably means diagonal which is a bit larger.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

WU style time lapse with Blur Iris

I've been exporting the occasional video at 60x but I wanted a more automatic and less resource intensive method and would let me do full of half day videos. Something akin to what Weather Underground used to create from uploaded pics or Bloomsky still does. Neither supported higher rez images though and I really wanted to be able to use Hikvision ColorVus to support night shots that you could make out constellations in when the skies were clear.

I was kind of surprised this was not as simple as I thought. Or I should say the first posts I found using the Alt/time lapse frame rate looked like they should work but what you get is a video that plays in real time but only updates the frames based on this setting.

Then there are those that suggest post batch converting which would work in theory but consume a ton of resources.

But what seems to get you closest to a frame every X minute with a "normal" playback uploadable to to YoutTube is the "Periodic, each" recording.

The simplest way to do this is clone a cam.
You will probably want to disable audio and motion detection

Setting the rate to a frame every 15 seconds for 0.1 seconds yields a file at 22.07 fps the runs about  4 1/2 minutes for a 10 hour recording.

The result looks like this though this is not quite 12 hours long. YouTube seems see this as a 50 fps video yet the run time has not changed. Note their docs say this frame rate is not supported so some more experimenting will need to be done to get it into a supported frame rate but it is working for now.
Since it is a clone of another cam you will probably want it to be hidden as well.