Thursday, November 10, 2016

Review: Univivi U06R WideAngle Long Range 130 Feet 6pcs LED Array Lights IR Illuminator

Update 1/22/2017: below is my original posting on Facebook. Since then I've had 2 of the four appear to have gone out. It looks like the power supplies I had them on just could not give them enough power. The specs say a 2 amp supply but the 5 amp supplies I bought seems iffy to power a cam and the light though the 2 together ought to only draw about 3.5 amps max.

I bought a Univivi U06R WideAngle Long Range 130 Feet 6pcs LED Array Lights IR
for eval. Here is the Amcrest 2k deck cam
with some other cams in the distance helping light the yard.

Now with one of the old analog LBC6050  cams on the deck.

Now I replace that with the Univivi U06R. Not as wide angle as I'd like here but awesome for longer shots.

Here I have same analog cam stuck in the rocks.

I pointed the Univivi U06R still from the deck toward the driveway and the analog back toward the lower deck. It might more sense to line it up with the camera. I'll have do more tests but I like the way it lights up the south west gate.

Now this is what the Univivi U06R is made for. This is a QD900 looking through the fence so there is a bit of glare back.

Now the same shot with a Univivi U06R setting below it. The old pool pump is about 40 feet away. The deer feeder and water trough about 70.

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