Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Averting your eyes

Note you need to have your preset setup in the camera BEFORE you do the inspect to add it or this will not work. If you set them up after rerun inspect again to read them in.

Seen a few ask how do I get my PTL/PTZ change where is is looking based on X. Of course the simplest way is to got into a camera's properties and just trigger on time by creating a schedule.
Profile schedule. Note relative to sunrise/sunset option.

And tell the the camera to go to a preset then the profile changes.

Click edit schedule to add actions to profiles

Add / edit action looks like this.

Note there are a lot of actions you can do on profile change if your camera supports them

Update gotcha: Note when the profile switches it switches for ALL cams so if you are not using the defaults on any cam you will need to make those changes on the other profile(s) to keep them running. For example if you record continuously (and you should) by default all the cams will switch to record "when triggered" unless you go fix that setting for all the cams in all the profiles you intend to use. 
And if you use anything other than the default / first storage location you will need to change that too.

Once you have the above you can get fancier. For example I work from home and have a switched stream that broadcasts to the whole site which lets me continue watching a show or listening to a podcast or monitoring if something running on a computer is done and also shows me triggered cams if for instance a delivery arrives. Anyway tied to this the TV in the master math comes on if I enter the bedroom or server room (has door linking it to the path) AND the alarm is not set. There is another event (what Homeseer calls routines) to turn off the TV if either of those doors close AND the alarm is not set. This made a great place to include setting the PTL cam in the bedroom for checking out what the cats are up to. So when and event turns the bath TV on it also turns the camera to look at the ceiling. When an event turns the TV off it swings back to looking at the cat feeder. This is how I did it in Homeseer but you should be able to do something similar with about any home automation as it is basically just calling a URL. you can write something like this:
//Start BI profile #7
curl http://user:password@

IP Address for Blue Iris =
Blue Iris port = 8030
Blue Iris Profile = 7
(user:password@ can be omitted if you are not using authentication for your Blue Iris web server)

Since, as I mentioned above, I do a few Blue Iris things from Homeseer I have a script to keep everything in one place. And in that same spirit, a couple of events to make adding the profile changes to events easy.
Profile change events
Note kind of thinking it might be a good idea to set a light on in then cats profile event as well but that is probably overkill. 

Then call those events from the door monitoring events
Call profile change events from door monitoring events

Then just cause I like to be thorough and have backups I added calling the switch to private event to the alarm setting / disarming events as well. That way I'm sure the cam is looking at the ceiling if I'm getting in or out of bed.
Related events

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