Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Quick outdoor audio compare


Been seeing posts wanting cams with audio lately. My Ring compares playlist has some examples of the diff between a ColorVu and a Ring doorbell that contain audio but when outside doing a bit of weeding around the bird feeder and hearing coyotes playing near by I thought I'd grab the footage form 3 near by cameras to show the diff between them.

The 3 cameras are:

Dahua IPC-HDW4631C-A mounted under the window AC unit

Reolink RLC-511-5MP mounted on side window frame

Hikvision (ColorVu) DS-2CD2347G1-LU (far one) mounted on the soffit at the corner of the roof

Placement of cameras

The links to the videos are:

  • The Dahua video
  • The Reolink video
  • The Hikvision/ColorVu video

If you watch the lower timestamp you should hear:

  • Various bird calls and till 11:28:40
  • @11:28:40 you should hear my footsteps and the hedge trimmer starting up.
  • @11:29:37 you should hear me walking through the dried "weeds" crunching them and a jet passing overhead. Then me tossing the branches into a pile off screen.
  • @11:29:58 I start using the hedge trimmer again.
  • @11:30:07 I stop and you can hear what sounds like coyotes yapping a few hundred yards away.
  •  @11:30:23 you should hear me say "listen to that" (meaning the coyotes) in a normal speaking voice.

It is totally calm so there is no wind noise to deal with. I should probably do another sample with speaking when there is wind and when the house main AC unit (around the far side of the house) is running. I'm amazed how loud that AC unit sounds on footage compared to when I'm in the yard.

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