Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wyze RTSP updates

As mentioned in Should you get a Wyze cam? Wyze has released updates to the RTSP firmware versions (old link).

"Update 8/10: Went to add a Wyze V2 out by the gate now that I have power and found they updated the RTSP firmware so though it might now do person notifications. It has disappointing video compared to the 720p Foscam I hoped to replace. And the sensors seem iffy but I'll leave it a bit to see how well the person notifications work."

It even looks like there is now a beta available of the next release. (See below.) So from now on I'll have to note which version the cam I'm talking about is running. The above was in reference to firmware demo_V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41 on a cam I was planning on using at the gate. TODO: add link to Wyze / Foscam compare and how sensors stopped working on 87 in heat.

First off despite the option to turn on person detection showing up for just the latest of my Wyze V2s when I added it and only for that cam for some reason, person detection is still not supported in RTSP firmware. I confirmed it did not work with the demo_V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41 firmware.

I started this post as an update to the above and on the Pan RTSP firmware. See related Pan video. So I went to my downloads folder to get the version number for the Pan firmware and noticed the last version I downloaded on 8/25 appeared to have an older version number (demo_Pan_rtsp_4.20.3.48) than the one I had downloaded before on 8/10 (demo_Pan_rtsp_4.29.4.41). Interestingly when I went to my tablet to confirm which I had installed on the camera the app would not even finish loading. Even after a repower. I had to install the Wyze app on my phone to go check that it was indeed demo_Pan_rtsp_4.20.3.48. The reason seems to be conflicting info. In this post the later firmware is listed both as beta and the current version. demo_Pan_rtsp_4.29.4.41 appears to be the same 5/10/2019 update form the pan beta zip. Note they have started making links to the bin files now instead of the zips and you can not see the folder listing online so file compile dates are now hidden. So it looks like I still need to update my Pan cam. Note with RTSP you can not update the camera from the app. You have to do it manually via the SD card.

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