Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A quick and simple video show how my system is setup to return from triggered events with one voice command.

Warning: Alexa voice control in audio may trip your Echo so you might want to mute your Echo's mic.

The video starts with the UPS box high alert (high switches main video while low only highlights camera group on console) triggered triggered so the south cam console (main and console above main on left) has been swapped to the main screen.
The central cam server (far right) has been manually triggered to show the shop deck.
And the internal cams server (far left) has been triggered to show the living room cams.
Once I give the command "turn on video" you can see the consoles all go back to showing all cams and the main screen goes back to showing video from my workstation (the current site wide stream). If the main video had been a playable source it would have also sent the appropriate play command to the device to restart the video.

Note the internal cams server (far left) gets triggered to show the barn just before it receives the command to return to showing all cams.

How it is done:

  • To do this Alexa "turns on" a virtual "video" Homeseer device. (This is also triggered after no new event has been seen for a few minutes.)
  • That device triggers a Homeseer event
  • Homeseer announces the "video on" event is running
  • The event signals each Blue Iris console to to show the "all" group of cameras.
  • It then sends the Harmony pointed at the AV rack to switch the camera switch back to main (input 1) video.
  • It then "turns on" another virtual Homeseer "play" device.
  • It turns off the virtual "video" Homeseer device
  • That "play" device being on and the setting of the current Harmony activity triggers a an event that matches.
  • Homeseer announces which device it is sending play to.
  • That event tells Harmony to send the appropriate play command to the device to restart the video.
  • Lastly after a minute the "video on" event turns off the virtual Homeseer "play" device
Sounds a lot more complicated that it is. The toughest part is sending the highlight commands to Blue Iris but I have a script to do that for you.

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