Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cheap AND good the RLC-420-5MP

Reolink PoE IP Camera Outdoor (Pack of 2) 5MP HD Video Surveillance Work with Google Assistant, Security IR Night Vision Motion Detection Audio SD Card Slot RLC-420-5MP

This just place holder for something longer later but I stumbled upon these and I'm pretty impressed. As I'm writing this Amazon has these in 2 packs for just $95.99 PLUS 15% for an actual cost of just $40.80 per! Almost the same price as a Wyze V2 with an outdoor case on it. But here you get a 5MP POE camera that does RTSP native. And better night vision of course being a cam made for outdoors. It even records audio and has the on board SD card and can send to the Reolink cloud if you should want. Note Reolink has a model D400 that is the same cam with a bit fewer vertical pixels, 1440 vs 1920 for about $5 less but why? Both are the same 2560 pixels wide 80 degree view.

The only down side might be that there is no WiFi model. The closest Reolink WiFi models are:
The RLC-422W, a dome model with 4X zoom for about twice the price
The RLC-410W, a bullet model that is only 4 MP and about half again the price.

There is also a RLC-410-5MP which is a bullet version of the RLC-420-5MP for about the same price.

Here are a couple videos to show how it performs. Both show my dogs walking about 30 feet away. I would point out an addition IR flood should really be added here. The night video is just with the in cam IR LEDs.

RLC-420-5MP night shot example
RLC-420-5MP day shot example

Here are some sample shots as well. Note the date and time are obviously WAY off. Seems my ntp server crashed and the Reolink software does not support a backup.
Me standing by the fence about 30 feet away.

White dog on about 30 feet away. If you look close you can see his teeth.

Day shot on a sunny and very windy day.

Another day shot but on an overcast day.

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