Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Uncheck preserve time order unless you need the 000 image to always be the latest.

Not sure how but somehow I seemed to miss what Post tab, check Post JPEGs, check Maintain a ring of [some number], check preserve time order actually does. The default seems to be checked though I notice it is unchecked on some of my cams which I guess is why I had not noticed that when checked it renames all the posts in the ring so the newest is 000. Similar to log file rings if you are familiar. Now this is great if you want to use the 000 image on a web page or app to show the latest and only keeping a few. Not so great if your ring is a larger number like 10K or you are, as I was just trying to do, generate a time lapse from them. Since the file names keep changing it gets messy real fast. Especially if you are trying to save off some before they cycle off and then add the newer ones. I saw names changing mid copy for instance. Even worse if you are syncing those images to the cloud since it is not only having to process uploads but name changes. Assuming you upload app even recognizes name changes of course and is not reuploading each file multiple times. Not sure what CPU load this having but considering I have some rings set to 10K on servers that are about max safe CPU it is probably not insignificant. 

So make sure "preserve time order" is unchecked unless you really need that image order.

While here you might want to think about "Also post No Signal images". Again checking this might make sense for a local display of the latest image but in most cases it is a waste of resources.

For more on optimizing your Blue Iris server performance check out Optimizing Blue Iris's CPU Usage

Sunday, October 11, 2020

View Blue Iris on Roku


Stumbled on this article about viewing your Blue Iris web console view from a Roku.

Basically what you need is the IP Camera Viewer - Basic app. Note upgrade to the Pro version to get more than 1 view and a split screen view.

In Blue Iris, go to global settings-> webserver-> 'advanced'. In the first box, enter the IP address(es) of the devices which should have unchallenged access to the BI server as admin. Place a carrot symbol (^) in front of each IP address:

While I was in there I also upped the quality a bit since the default is 50% @ 720p. Still does not look quite as good as on the console but good probably good enough especially if you use limited views. (See below.)

If you invested in the in the Pro version (as I did after about 5 minutes) you can set up the "cams" (actually Blue Iris group views) from a web browser which is a lot easier than an on screen keyboard.

Note Easy Web Admin only works while selected on the Roku

From the browser to looks like this

Click on add new cam. Give it a name, the IP of your server, the port (probably 80 for most people) and the Stream URL which is /mjpg/[group name]. Not if you want to see all cams create a group like I have here called _all and add all your cams to that group.

If for some reason you get a time out message go out and back into the Easy Web Admin in the Roku and reload the page in the browser and it will resubmit after clicking OK.

Sadly the only way to edit a cam and to change settings like split screen view is in the Roku app.

Camera settings screen

General setting screen which includes the split screen config
Settings page 2

Since I have 4 consoles the split screen works perfect for me. That is what it looks like with all my active cams but not the weather graphics and cloned cams.

Though for general use I'll be setting the split screen to just show the yard cams and the house interior cams.