Monday, October 31, 2022

Another attempt at a quick paste response to "I want something with good night vision"

Best color night vision is Hikvision's ColorVu G2s. If you want IR night vision there are more options. I prefer Dahua or JideTech myself but many use the same larger sensors. For IR get the largest sensor you can. 1/1.8 (like Dahua IPC-HFW4631H-ZSA) of better if you can. Forget about stated LED ranges since you will want to turn those off anyway unless you like attaching bugs to your cams. Use seperate lighting like accent lights or IR floods mounted away from the cams.

Plus of course match the specs to the distance and view angle you need. But keep in mind most fixed focus cams are focused for 10-30 feet, depending on model, so for over 50 feet plan on something you can focus for the target range either motorized (usually zoom models only) or manually. Don't assume fixed model are easily adjusted as most are glued in place these days.

What ever you get make sure they support ONVIF or at least RTSP so you can mix brands as needed.

To dig deeper look at for info about how to use an online GUI tool tha lets you set up virtual cams on your site to get an idea of what diff models will be able to see.